Daniel Guglielmo
Founder/CEO, TrustDesign & Author of Wolves Change Rivers
Daniel Guglielmo guides CEOs on their leadership and wealth creation journeys. He is the Founder and CEO of TrustDesign a succession management firm. He supports his CEO clients with Leadership Development, Corporate Culture Development and the creation of the succession structures that are required to hold and adhere the firm through its succession process. He is also the founder of XPXGlobal, LLC and is currently a Vistage Chair in the Boston Area. Dan is the author of Wolves Change Rivers. Which is based on a powerful metaphor, is about how a CEO can create a generative culture that is naturally inclined to succeed. This book sets the stage for the CEO to create or recreate the firm’s culture by embracing necessary personal change and establishing an incentive plan that tethers the financial success of the business to the financial success of the next generation of leaders.